I've been using Lucid Lynx 10.04 LTS on my home laptops and I've been very happy with it, but now support is ending for Lucid Lynx, and it seems like it's time to prepare the switch to Precise Pangolin, the current Long Term Support release.

To try things out I decided to load Precise Pangolin on a spare hard drive that already had Lucid Lynx on it, so:

  1. I chose a test laptop (before upgrading all of them at once), and removed the existing hard drive.
  2. Installed a new hard drive that has Lucid Lynx already on it.
  3. Allowed Lucid Lynx to upgrade to Precise Pangolin.

Everything went very smoothly and I booted up Precise Pangolin. The first things I noticed are the following:

  • Boot time remains very snappy, at about 20 seconds, and seems identical in speed to Lucid Lynx. Great!
  • Shut down time is much longer than Lucid Lynx, requiring 20 seconds compared to just 3 seconds. Not so great!

I have always loved my three second shut down times, especially on a laptop. First, push the power button; then, wait three seconds; finally, grab & go! I find that there's lots to love about the new desktop already, but I don't know if I want to sacrifice my fast shut downs on all of the family laptops.

Is this normal operation for Precise Pangolin, or can I do something to improve on twenty seconds to turn off? Are newer releases, even if they are not LTS, any better?