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Thread: Does a tablet need anti virus?

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    Re: Does a tablet need anti virus?

    Quote Originally Posted by BBQdave View Post
    Personally, I do not see the need of third party AV's, as most applications are in secure - filtered repos, whether Mac, Windows or Linux. And most messaging is filtered. The pathway for virus and malware tends to be the user - and careless untrusted installs.
    Even on a locked-down network like the one I help one of my client's maintain with automated email and web object scanning, we still have a problem with people bringing in USB thumb drives with malware on them.
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    Re: Does a tablet need anti virus?

    I always feel weird not having any sort of anti virus. On my tablet I have AVG Free. And yeah downloading apps that don't have a lot of reviews is sort of concerning because as said above there could be some mal-intentioned developers.

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