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Thread: Can I do this with Mythbuntu?

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    Can I do this with Mythbuntu?

    So playing around I downloaded mythbuntu iso and installed on an old P4 I have laying around as a backend only. I can see this system in Samsung's allshare app on the bluray player. So here is what I would like to do if possible:
    Would like to re-purpose a poweredge 2950 w/ dual 2.0 GHZ quad cores and 8 GB ram to become a central media point for growing family needs. Plan is to pickup a ceton infinitv 4 (or 2) card and rent the Fios cable card, this will give 4 (8) tuners. To complete the plan I would like to ditch the cable boxes and use allshare devices in their place. Is anyone doing this now? Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Re: Can I do this with Mythbuntu?

    Your idea sounds advanced, and depends on how your cable company charges for equipment. I myself am a Charter Communications subscriber and am charged 2.00 a month for a cable card for my HD Homerun Prime. Have never been charged for 1 HD cable box also used in my home.

    Have experience with using the Homerun Prime that any premium channels can not be tuned in with mythtv as it can not complete the DRM hand shake required. Have found I could only tune in HBO and other premium channels with Windows Media Center in Windows 7 or 8 as it has Cable Card Support and can complete the DRM handshake.However you then have to deal with record once flag on Premium content. Meaning the recording can only be viewed on the Windows Media Center PC that recorded it except with a Windows Media Center remote Front End such as an Xbox 360. I discovered how bad the DRM is in Windows Media Center when trying Windows 8 Release Candidate with Windows Media Center add-on installed. I was backing up the recordings to a different Windows 7 pc and couldn't understand why I couldn't play the HBO recordings on the other pc. I learned the copy-once flag will only play on the pc that recorded it.So even if you re-install a Windows Operating system on the same pc, the recordings will not play again. The whole reason to use Mythtv is avoid all the pain in the but DRM.

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    Re: Can I do this with Mythbuntu?

    I have Mythbuntu 12.04 running on a central server, and I'm using an HDHomerun Prime tuner with the Verizon FiOS cable card.

    I currently have two frontends running - one is a small mini-pc I purchased, and another is the hardware from an old pc with an updated video card. I can't speak to Samsung's Allshare app, but my PS3 & WiiU do OK. I haven't played around with it yet, but the HDHomerun Prime is adding DLNA streaming to their existing boxes (I love it when manufacturers add functionality instead of remove it - I'm looking at you PS3).

    So far my setup is working pretty good - I'm just having problems getting my new remote to work properly.

    I have extended & HD cable service, no premium channels (i.e. HBO, Showtime, etc.). I haven't had any problems as far as DRM or record-once flags.

    I'm one DVR away from getting rid of all of our cable boxes - I'm just waiting for my family to watch/delete the last shows on the DVR and get another box put together.


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