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Thread: Nautilus Actions in 10.04 - Launch App?

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    Nautilus Actions in 10.04 - Launch App?


    I installed Nautilus Actions in my Lucid Lynx. Not surprisingly I'm having trouble setting it up.

    What I want to do:
    Right-click on .JPGs or .jpgs. Get 'Exiftran' in the menu. Have it run exiftran -i -a on the selected file(s) when activated.

    What I've managed:
    The right-click menu has Exiftran when and only when a JPG or jpg is selected. It does nothing.

    I've fed the following into the Command GUI section. I suspect the problem is here:
    Path: /usr/bin/exiftran
    Parameters: -i -a

    Thank you for any help.

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    Re: Nautilus Actions in 10.04 - Launch App?

    Haven't used that old a version of N-A for quite some some time. You'll need to add a %<something> to your parameters, click on the "Legend" box to see available.
    I guess I'd try %M first, like
    -i -a %M

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    Re: Nautilus Actions in 10.04 - Launch App?

    Thank you! %M seems to have solved it. I did try to read the Legend thing but it was cryptic. Too bad since the authors had obviously tried hard to make it all easy to use: it came just a little bit short.

    I doubt this will help anyone this late in the game, but some things I learned about the process:
    • use 'which' or 'locate' to find the application you want
    • Be careful with the filename wildcards: the box for them appears to be buggy, and spaces will break things.
    • Apparently you should add an empty scheme and enable it in the advanced options if you want things to work universally.

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