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    Re: Fabulous February's Screenshot thread

    I'm posting a new screenshot of my netbook's Bodhi Linux since E17 went stable in late-December. There isnt really much different than when I first installed Bodhi on this netbook a few months ago, other than the stable E17 and adding a shelf on the lower-left corner for my wifi-related stuff.

    Full-size screenhots here:

    Computer: Netbook
    Distro: Bodhi Linux 2.2.0
    Desktop Environment: E17 "Enlightenment" (stable)
    Enlightenment Theme: A-Angelic-v6
    GTK Theme: Greybird (default)
    Wallpaper: custom "Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess" wallpaper
    Icons: modified ACYL (Zelda gold with white border)
    Docks: dual Engage docks (left is launcher, right is autohiding with taskbar and gadgets) ; Autohiding shelf on lower left corner for wifi-related stuff.
    Apps in Left Dock: PCManFM (file manager), Firefox, Google Chrome, Pidgin, XChat (IRC client), Audacious, VLC, LibreOffice. LibreOffice Writer, leafpad, gnome-dictionary, LXTerminal, Synaptic Package Manager, and System Monitor
    Conky: "Bodhi LUA Clock" with Zelda red and gold colors and custom Hyrule Symbol
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