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Thread: keybord system tray missing after upgrade to 12.10

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    keybord system tray missing after upgrade to 12.10

    I recently upgraded my Ubuntu to the latest version and also switched from unity to gnome 3.6
    I have now two (probably related) problems concerning the keyboard system tray :
    - There is no way to switch from one keyboard layout to another.
    - No way to switch between different input methods (ibus and the regular one)

    I installed and try every gnome application related to applet-switcher with no success. I re-installed ibus but it didn't change anything. I also reset my layouts and that didn't changed anything either...

    Apparently it should work fine out of the box, maybe a bug ?
    Last time I touched gnome was 2 years ago though...

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    Re: keybord system tray missing after upgrade to 12.10

    I'm having exactly the same behaviour on the exact same configuration.

    I installed Ubuntu 12.10 from scratch and then I followed the steps in this guide to install Gnome 3:

    And I love it, but I'm having just the problem with the keyboard "applet" not showing anymore in the system tray (I need it since I'm switching constantly between English, Spanish and Czech)...

    I also didn't see any option in the Keyboard settings that will allow me to add the Keyboard in the System tray (which I'm pretty sure they used to be there in previous versions of Ubuntu/Gnome)

    Any idea on how to enable back this Keyboard in the System Tray, even if there is a way to enable it from the terminal?

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