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Thread: Experiences with Ubuntu 13.04

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    Experiences with Ubuntu 13.04

    Actually, last night...the installation went fine...i must say that so far it is running very well, and feels pretty stable for a "testing distro"...

    And all the "pluses" i noted on the live session that are improvements on my hardware over the 12.10 version are also present in the hard installed version...

    In 12.10 i had this bug where when i did a shut down, the computer would shut down and then turn itself back on after about 5 seconds..

    In 13.04 that bug is gone...normal shutdown

    In 12.10, even though i set my screen to go black after 30 minutes, it would always turn off after 10 minutes (the default setting) unless i came out of suspend first...

    In 13.04, that bug is also gone for me!

    Also, power management and performance is definitely improved over 12.10 on my new Toshiba Laptop w/intel....

    Problems encountered on 13.04:

    1) When installing ubuntu restricted extras, the microsoft fonts license agreement did not come up...everything else got installed except for those fonts...ended up having to do it in the terminal where the agreement DID come up...

    2) When going to itunes movie trailers website, i noticed that the Quicktime Videos are "tearing" they keep going from normal to distorted...This does not happen on my ubuntu 12.10 (which i am dual booting with)...

    3) When i go to System Settings and adjust the mousepad settings,
    the default on pointer speed is about in the middle, and i like to lower it down to the lowest setting...

    Once i do that, if i leave the System Settings, the Pointer Speed goes right back to the default setting...only way i can keep it set (for the session) is to leave it open....

    Has anyone else working with 13.04 noticed any of these particular bugs? Especially #3?

    How can i find out if these bugs have been reported...also: how do i go about filing or adding to bug reports for 13.04?

    Otherwise, i am very glad i installed it and certainly, it runs quite well...I had updates for it yesterday and today and didn't see any smoke coming out of my laptop (LOL) far, so good...
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