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Thread: How to transfer updates to a secured machine

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    Question How to transfer updates to a secured machine

    Hello, I have a question to ask and I hope to be understood correctly.

    My Background:

    I have a Computer that I have designated as an invention Machine. That is a machine where I have started to Prototype my ideas. I'm hoping to eventually submit them a company. The Machine in questions has been put off Cloud Computing (indefinitely) in other words the internet. In order to protect my ideas in case the Computer gets compromised because of the Cloud. Yes, I know it has a highly configured Firewall, A Network Firewall, A great Linux Operating system powered by Kubuntu / Ubuntu family, A Root Scanner. However because of the sensitive nature to protect my ideas before I get to benefit from them. I can't afford any security lapse into the Cloud.

    A Bit More Details / Question:

    The Machine in question runs a 64Bit Kubuntu 12.04 LTS (Stability intentional due to such nature).

    I need a couple of opinions from individuals whom are more knowledgeable than myself on this.
    [*] If possible how would you have pushed patches to such a machine?

    Again, I would have skipped the Updates for security but I'm sure they are not just for "security" but also safe LTS stability improvement patches to the operation of the software on the machine.
    [*] If I were to setup an identical Software installation by using the "Muuon installed packages option" on the Confidential machine. Later copying that installed packages file to the "none secret machine" to duplicate. Later anytime the none secret machine has an update just copy the debs in: /var/cache/apt through a medium to the "Confidential machine" I think personally that is tedious. Although, in name of safety I'm willing to go through that if possible. Suggestions, ideas?

    After I make profit(s) donate to the Open Source community for making such a great OS.
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