Hi all.

I'm using Evolution 3.2.3 on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 32-bit Unity-shell.

I have a successful sync with Google mail, calendar and contacts.

I have only one (two*) problem(s): Event/task notifications pops up at the wrong time. This is only an issue on the computer, on mobile and Gmail via browser everything is OK. Today, I had a task at noon. I was notified two hours earlier, even if the notification had been set to "at time". Other notifications may not appear until next day.

I guess it is an issue with the time zone settings in Evolution or something related to that? Maybe somebody can help me with this?

Other problem, reported also in an other thread but never been answered: Evolution does not auto-report to Gmail server that new mail has been read. It only does if i right-click and choose alternative "mark as read", but then I first have to mark it as "mark as unread". Mail is set to autochange to "read" after 5 secs, but this does not go to Google... Happy with any tips on this also.