Here's a fun one. After disabling lightdm and booting directly to a command line, i found that my sound wasn't working. After checking I realized I wasn't in the audio group. So I added myself in via

sudo usermod -G audio jason

Whoops. Now when I run 'groups jason' I can plainly see that audio is now the ONLY group I'm in. Fun.

Now I'm not in the sudoers file, and I can't use usermod again without using sudo. See my problem here? lol

Now I assume my next move is to boot from a liveCD and mount to my install. This leaves me with a few questions:

1. Once the CD is booted, what commands must I run to get fully mounted and ready to fix my clusterQ#$%@$?
2. What groups should I be in (aka what groups were I in before I screwed up...I never did any group editing before this so essentially I'm asking what the default groups are.
and 3. What command _should_ I have run to simply add audio in to my groups list, and not overwrite it?

Feel free to preface your answers with as much laughing and berating as you see fit. But help would be awesome too. =D