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Thread: New monitor: text flickers when I scroll down/up

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    New monitor: text flickers when I scroll down/up

    Hello Ubuntu Community

    After many years I've finally switched from CRT to LED LCD monitor.

    When I scroll down/up slowly through text in Firefox(smooth scrolling is enabled) or OpenOffice Writer, lines of text flicker or looks blurry. Like in this video from 0:30-0:50:

    Text in my old CRT monitor didn't flicker when I scrolled down/up.
    Please tell me is this normal or not for LCD LED monitor?

    I haven't reinstall graphics card driver. Would removing and reinstalling graphics driver (in Hardware Drivers) stop text from flickering??

    Thank you for your help and kind regards.

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    Re: New monitor: text flickers when I scroll down/up

    Someone who likely knows more than me could weigh on this one as well, but I have experienced something like what you're experiencing in the past in this and other OSs and 90% of the time it has had to do with video drivers.

    As it is a reasonably simple fix I would say try un-and-re-installing the video drivers. That is at least the first thing I would try.

    Edit: I would add as well, aside from video drivers--see if there are any monitor drivers you can get. Not sure how compatibility will work in this situation...
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