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Thread: Wireless problems

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    Wireless problems

    Hey Guys
    I've only migrated from windows today so i have no idea what i'm doing at all but when i first booted up Ubuntu 12.04 everything worked perfectly.
    However as soon as i installed the updates i haven't been able to keep a wireless connection. It was working fine before the installations and it'll work for maybe 30 seconds as soon as i turn it on but then it fails and spends the remainder of my session trying to re-establish itself.
    What i'd like to do is either try and get the wireless to work perfectly or if that's to hard maybe i could just uninstall the updates... Help with either would be great!

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    Re: Wireless problems

    I'm not sure the updates will have caused the problem. To check it out then boot from the live CD and see if wifi works. If yes then something in the update process has caused the problem. If no then perhaps your router has lost its settings from your first successful wifi session. I know it's cheesy but reboot the rooter by turning off then on again. Works for me.
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