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Thread: Cant connect to wired network

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    Cant connect to wired network

    I am kinda new and have gone through ways of setting up an Ubuntu Server. Ive been trying to set up my DHCP and when I got it working and it gives other computers ip-addresses.

    I've got my server plugged in with an ethernet cable but it doesn't cannot to the network and has no internet. I think I deleted the settings from /etc/networking/interfaces that makes the wired connection work but I'm not sure. I know my network works cause I have other computers connect to it.

    I'm using Ubuntu Server
    Previously had internet and connected to network

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    Cant connect to wired network

    I have put in twelve.04 into a second hand horsepower Compaq DC 7100 CMT. blocked in computer network cable into the pc and it says network disconnected. from what I perceive on the items I've scan, it isn't obtaining the address right, perhaps it's simply a guess (hardware address 00:16:35:78:47:bb).

    I know the computer network cable is functioning I will get on cyberspace with the recent pc. (Old pc is victimisation device raincoat address; motorcar eth0 00:11:11:E6:4F:FE).

    I have place this address into the newer horsepower and it shows last used (minutes ago) however no net sever not found. i attempted the hardware address it says ne'er.

    I feel and suppose this could be straightforward to mend. however I simply do not know.
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