Hey guys, have been having serious issues transferring files to an external USB stick of mine (2GB, NTFS) lately under Ubuntu 12.04. The stick works fine under Windows and I can even read files from it under Ubuntu, but as soon as I write something to it, it corrupts the filesystem

Basically, it mounts fine and I can copy/read files from the USB stick but when I paste a file to it for example, I get the below window after I click the dismount button:

^It basically plays in a loop and never completes (10-15 minutes) so you just pull the USB out, but when you put it back in, you get the below error and the file system is corrupt, meaning you lost all your files

It's weird because if I dismount the drive from sudo'd nautilus, I don't get the 1st window but still get the 2nd error when I try to mount it again....As well, I have 2 internal NTFS harddrives (SATA 2) that get automatically mounted at boot and I can read/write to those just fine....