Are there any Lenovo guys here?

I have a W530 running ubuntu and last night I spilled soda on it. I took the keyboard out and cleaned it off as best I could, then set it up so it could drain/dry. There was no moisture on the internals, just on the keyboard.

Anyway, I put it back together and it ran fine. Then it magically shut off and now it wont turn on. When I try to turn it on, it has the lenovo load screan and the keyboard turns on and everything lights up but then it shuts off. It will do this with the battery in, but if I take the battery out and only have it plugged in nothing happens.

Process of elimination says the battery is dead and the charger wont charge. Am I right in thinking this? Nothing got on the charger at all so I am curious if it is actually a dead charger. Is there anything I can do to further troubleshoot? Im at a loss here and I really need my computer back up and running.