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    Compiz effects cause certain applications to make computer freeze

    Hello. I have a severe problem. Whenever I launch certain applications, (Steam in particular ALWAYS does this, but I've had one or two other things do it, and I'm sure there is more I haven't tried). my computer freezes. I can move my mouse around, but nothing on my computer works. Flashing | freezes in terminal, etc. This did not happen before. I am using Ubuntu 12.10 64-bit. This does not happen in a 2D Desktop. I am using a AMD Radeon HD 6670 graphics card. Doing terminal tests, my card fully supports all effects. I have strong reason to believe this is due to mistakes I may have made in CCSM, borderline positive. (Disabling 3D Cube did not do it, btw.) If anyone has experienced said problem before and can answer this, or can just tell from my newbie mistake right off the bat, please do so. Here are pics of my CCSM.

    If you know how to fix this, tell me! Thanks!

    I will provide more information if needed.

    I am using Unity 3D.
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