I got an unplanned early start on converting XP to Ubuntu when on of my production XP machines suddenly died. I already had a development machine with Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit in the works, so I just moved out the dead box, conncted up the good one, and added the 256 MB Crucial M4 SSD with the XP files to the new box (all SATA motherboard). No data was lost as it was all on the SSD and also on kineticd offsite backup. I have moved all data files from the XP partition on the SSD (/dev/sda1) to the HD with Ubuutu (/dev/sdb1). I have used gparted to reduce the size of the ntfs file system (/dev/sda1) down to 80 MB and create a 146.48 MB ext4 partition in the free space. The ext4 partition is /dev/sda2. Now I want to copy everything (including what makes drive boot Ubuntu) from /dev/sdb1 to the ext4 partition on /dev/sda2.

How should I do this. I don't want to start with a fresh install of Ubuntu in /dev/sda2 as have spent many hours getting Crossover configured to run essental MS Windows programs. The HD that is currently /dev/sdb1 goes to the next development PC.