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Thread: How to FIX split screen with blank desktop

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    How to FIX split screen with blank desktop

    I have been having a problem for a few days now where I start up my PC, everyting looks fine up to where I have to log in.

    I get a log in screen, but the screen is split in two, as soon as I log in I get a blank desktop which is also split in two.
    I cannot access any monitor or system settings at all.

    Im running Ubuntu 12.10 x64

    Any advice on how to fix this because its really frustrating and it is preventing me from using my computer.

    Please see attached image.


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    Re: How to FIX split screen with blank desktop


    Please elaborate on the graphics set up of the system. eg, are you running nvidia graphics, what drivers are you using, proprietary or open source, version. etc.

    IF you are running nvidia's proprietary drivers, after log in hit ctrl+alt+F1 (or from a rescue shell) and run the following commands:

    sudo nvidia-xconfig
    this should reconfigure the nvidia device in the xconfig. Just for incase there is something in there that is not right.

    You might also try

    sudo nvidia-smi -r
    This should reset your cards, if a double buffer ECC (if I remember correctly) error is what is causing the screen split. This might not be relevant for your card.

    If all the above is irrelevant, please post the output of:
    cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf
    You can get this by doing (from a console as stated above):
    echo "=================DMESG=================" > trouble.txt
    dmesg >> trouble.txt
    echo ""
    echo "=================X11-xORG=================" >> trouble.txt
    cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf >> trouble.txt
    And copy paste the file trouble.txt's content here (it will be found in the home directory of the user logged in in the terminal)
    --you can also find the path by asking 'pwd' in terminal, this will print the working directory where the file will be/was created--

    If the above is not viable, you can paste to pastebin directly by doing the following steps in terminal
    sudo apt-get install pastebinit
    cat trouble.txt | pastebinit
    and then giving us the the generated URL eg:

    Cherz and good luck
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