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Thread: Unetbootin version 494 - cannot open

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    Unetbootin version 494 - cannot open

    Hi guys,

    I'm trying to create a dual boot with Windows 7 (an iso I downloaded (legally) from My Digital Life) and Ubuntu.

    I am doing this by first installing Windows 7 with a Live USB, and then re-installing Ubuntu. After reading up I found out that you need to format the USB to NTFS. I have done this using GParted. However, the current version of Unetbootin does not recognise NTFS. So, I downloaded version 494 which does regonise NTFS.

    I market the file as executable in Properties, but when I click the icon nothing happens. Unetbootin does not start.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    (Edit: I am using Ubuntu 12.04)

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    Re: Unetbootin version 494 - cannot open

    When you try to start unetbootin in a terminal, what errors do you get?

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    Re: Unetbootin version 494 - cannot open

    As cariboo907 said , try from terminal with a command like this

    gksudo ~/Downloads/unetbootin-linux-494
    In above command I assume that the file is in Downloads folder

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    Lightbulb Re: Unetbootin version 494 - cannot open

    I couldn't get 494 to start either, it would just silently not start. In the end I thought if gparted is doing the partitioning and marking the boot flag then what is left for netbootin to do? It's not doing a block copy so it's probably just copying files.

    So I tested and found that you don't need netbootin at all to make a windows install usb stick. Here's what I did:

    1. Download the appropriate windows iso
    -I got mine from digital river:

    2. Use gparted to format a usb flash drive to NTFS and set the boot flag
    -You'll need to have ntfs-3g installed but I think it's installed by default these days
    -To set the boot flag, right click on the partition and choose "Manage Flags"...

    3. Mount the windows iso
    -I right clicked the iso and chose open with Image Mounter

    4. Drag all the files from the mounted iso onto the flash drive

    When they're done copying you've got a bootable USB drive!
    Very easy, and I've already tested it.
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