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Thread: touchscreen difficulties Nexus 7 inch

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    touchscreen difficulties Nexus 7 inch


    I have Ubuntu installed on a Nexus 7.

    With a small screen, the "window decorations" (e.g. maximise, close etc.) are almost impossible to touch. I bough a stylus but it's not much better. Precise touching is impossible on a capacitive touchscreen. No such problems if I plug a mouse in to the single USB port.

    Is it possible to make the window decorations larger and more touch-friendly? I'm running Ubuntu 13.04 with the Unity desktop.


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    Re: touchscreen difficulties Nexus 7 inch

    Hi there,

    I think the best way to increase the font size is to use gnome-tweak-tool (which should be in the repos), and then in the program, click on the 'Fonts' group, then change the text scaling factor in this panel to whatever setting suits you best (the optimal setting is 2.3). This should make everything bigger and easier to use.

    Hope this helps ,

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    Re: touchscreen difficulties Nexus 7 inch

    Umm, sort of helps.

    Gnome tweak tool won't install.
    I installed Unity Tweak Tool instead.
    I have increased font sizes, which helps a bit with menus.
    The problem remains that the bar across the top of the screen is small and I do not know how to make it larger. This bar is used frequently for menus, close, minimize, maximize, network connections, shut-down, battery indicator etc.

    This is a general accessibility problem (and particularly serious for small screens and touchscreens). Perhaps I could post somewhere else?


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    Re: touchscreen difficulties Nexus 7 inch

    Actually, the whole Ubuntu on Nexus 7 is right now more something like a feasibility test. Of course I find it extremely exciting (I have Ubuntu installed at this moment) and it's a great platform for further tests regarding energy and memory leaking/usage.

    But maybe the whole Desktop with Unity is not exactly right for a touch screen - maybe it has to be something more similar to Ubuntu phone?

    I don't know where the right place is, to have this discussed. Let me know if you find the right place - or maybe this _is_ the right place here.


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