Well form the looks of it, there is some major corruption. The system freeze/reboot probably did not help matters, but what can ya do? It is taking a noticeably long time to repair a number of MP3 files. It is not taking as long now, but still spending a few hours per MP3 and it is on the fourth MP3(partially because I have to hit

y every time, and partially because the repairs are taking ages). I am not sure if it matters, but the MP3s it is trying to repair, are files I had tried to delete previously. Is there any way to end the repair so I can do some organizing of the drive? In this case, and some others, I want to permanently delete a few lossy albums that I now have in lossless format. the problem is, when I boot into Kubuntu, I can not even get the drive to mount via Dolphin as I normally can.

Anyway, thanks for the info. Guess I need a refresher on EXT file systems.