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Thread: Possible to stop process in openbox?

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    Possible to stop process in openbox?

    There is probably pretty esoteric, but...
    I have installed ubuntu server in virtual box.
    I installed xfce-desktop, which I run on my desktops...everything worked fine.
    I wanted a lighter install, so I removed xfce and intalled openbox so that I can have a GUI.
    I have an autostart program which is hanging.
    How do I break that hanging program and continue the booting process? I've tried Control-C, Control-Q, :exit and :quit

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Re: Possible to stop process in openbox?

    this is the place where auto-start programs will configure. check what you got there

    cd ~/.config/autostart/
    Dont miss anything even it is small. one small pin is enough to bring down a man.

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