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Thread: ddigikam and wastebin maximum

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    ddigikam and wastebin maximum

    upon deleting images in Digikam, program announces:

    "The wastebin has reached its maximum size!
    Cleanup the waste bin manually."

    in fact wastebin is empty and can be used withiut restriction by any other program.

    How t reset wastebin feature for Digikam?

    thank you, Miel

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    Re: ddigikam and wastebin maximum

    It could be that it's reading Trash wrong. Try to empty trash in terminal, or cd Trash and see what's there.

    gksu nautilus
    Then in View select the Hidden files option so you can examine /home/username/.local/share/Trash
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    Re: ddigikam and wastebin maximum

    I think that the problem is caused by some setting within Digikam.
    Because manually removing or dragging images from Digikam to the waste basked poses no difficulty.
    So it is not a serious problem but I miss the ease of simply clicking the image with the Delete key in order to move it to the waste basket.
    It is a curious phenomena that i would like to set straight.

    If anyone can shed light on this challenge i will appreciate it. If not, I will muddle along for some time.
    Thanks anyway for your attention,

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