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Thread: Where is KVM's default bridge config?

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    Re: Where is KVM's default bridge config?

    UFW is an extremely simple interface to iptables. Also, I don't think UFW is made by Ubuntu/Canonical. Of everything you get with Ubuntu, very little is actually created by Canonical.

    For what you want, you need to use a different interface OR hand create the rules. There are lots of books on iptables to help out. I can recommend _Linux Firewalls_ by Rash.

    If you planning to run KVM servers, I cannot recommend that you use any non-LTS release, so either make due with 12.04 or wait until 14.04. Interm releases will not be production ready, IMHO. Those releases are used by Canonical to try new things - some won't make it into 14.04 and some will have huge issues. With all the changes for UEFI, GPT and SecureBoot, I wouldn't expect anything major for virtualization from Canonical. Any improvements will come from upstream.
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