I have installed DevStack 3 times, and each time was a success. I really LOVE using it, especially how it expands into "screen" and rejoining the stack and rejoining the screen after reboots. I even did some manual qemu-kvm to build a Windows 8 instance right in X windows on Ubuntu on my devstack server.

But now I am going to build another server, and wonder if I should go to the official Ubuntu Cloud "Canonical" version (using Juju, whatever that is) or just should I keep doing it the way I'm comfortable - Ubuntu 12.04LTS + devstack via github.. thoughts??? Anyone have experience with the two and can share their thoughts on how they differ?

This is all for my own personal lab, so I'm OK using DevStack although I always do a prompt tweak to stack.sh, just in case I accidentally want to run it again, so I can stop myself before its too late..

Thanks in advance!