Hi people,

I need some advice before I start the following procedure, I hope someone is willing to think this through with me!

The Problem: My Swap-Partition is a bit to small, if I have lots of memory in RAM and my System hibernates, sometimes I get a "not enough swap". Bad for battery and unsaved data!

I have a 80GB Hard Drive, which is fully encrypted. I've got three partitions, root, home and swap in luks lvm. Swap needs to become bigger (2gb), home needs to reduce size in favour of swap!

This is my stable system / production machine! The System is well configured and everything is awesome, so reinstalling and restoring is not an option for me. I have backups (rsync) of my root and home partition. Additionaly I am going to create an dd image of the drive, in case something goes wrong. 80GB is not that much!

So, how does this work? I read guides on how to do this, but I am confused because I dont want to resize any volume group or something.

Help is very much appreciated!!

Any output will be provided as you whish!