Hello, this is my first post in Ubuntu forums. I beg for your help - literally - because I am in absolute need of fixing it.

So, let me get to the point. I have a Presario CQ57 laptop in which I had Ubuntu 12.10. Everything seemed to work fine, until the wireless led of the laptop turned - irreversibly as it proved to be - orange. ( orange=off, blue=on)

When I tried to re-enable the wireless through the system settings, nothing happened. The ON status stayed as it was for less than a second and then OFF again. So, I tried some things, got desperate and thought it would be a problem of the specific Ubuntu 12.10. I decided to download Lubuntu 12.10 on another pc and installed it in my laptop, erasing Ubuntu completely.

But, the problem persisted. I tried and tried lots of solutions that I found on threats marked as [SOLVED] but none worked. I am a true noob when it comes to fixing those things, so please, if someone can help, I would appreciate it so much.