my Recent Apps category in unity's dash in the Applications lens has mysteriously disappeared, and occurring at roughly the same time, when i do a search in the files & folders lens, it doesn't bring anything up, everything in the lens remains as is, and when i search from the Home lens, it only brings up applications and music, and never files or folders. Also, the process 'zeitgeist-daemon' seems to be associated somehow, cause, intially, after i start up my laptop and after everything loads, when i do search in the unity's dash, under system monitor, 'zeitgeist-daemon' memory usage raise to like 141.x MiB, then it may go back to normal after circa 3 hours, not sure. And other than zeitgeist meaning 'spirit of time', i only get the gist of what the service with that name does, but don't know much about it really. Any advice on this issue on how to mend it? I'm using Ubuntu 11.10.