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    Re: mplayer install

    Quote Originally Posted by SeijiSensei View Post
    I much prefer to install with "sudo make install" which places the executables and any related files under /usr/local. That's the standard location for software installed by the user outside of the package management system. This method also makes the program available to all users on the system.
    In that case I would recommend installing the package checkinstall and do "sudo checkinstall" instead of "sudo make install". That way you can remove it from synaptic or SC as one package if needed instead of having fragments all over the file system.

    OP's instructions use the prefix=$HOME option so it would be install in the /home/username/bin, but in the end he just installed from the repo anyway.

    In my case I prefer to install it in my home because I like to also install mplayer for comparisons and in my system there is only one user: me.
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