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Thread: asus eeepc x101 owners cat /proc/acpi/battery/BAT0

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    asus eeepc x101 owners cat /proc/acpi/battery/BAT0

    Hopefully not at the wrong place I m looking for some informations about laptop battery of an asus x101 model e.g. a31-x101. that is a 3 cell one.

    Mine has given up recently just 30 minutes left after 9 months powerusing
    The prices for this type of batt ranges from ~40 - 90 Eur. Thats a lot I thougt
    so why not hacking the batt.
    I checked cat /proc/acpi/battery/BAT0/info and saw just some 800 mA last full capacity.
    So I decided to open the plastic and check the malicious cell. It was a hard work to open the case and keep the batt working. Then I connected a cell-logger with some soldering and found the middle cell more than 400mV difference to the right one. Without load!.
    The cell-logger told me the laptop-charging algorithm is not balancing the cells.
    So i connected the removed batt to a separate lipo balancer charger.
    Still all cells left soldered in the case a retry after balancing told 1670mA last full capacity that was feeled too optimistic due to just some minutes more now without adapter.

    Finaly I changed the cells with some i know are good . And bricked the batt. (

    So far still some information is present but no supply, and no charging.
    The voltage reading is exactly the one the cell-logger reports.
    But the serial number is missing now, and the cycles is set to 0

    The net told me lots of stuff about the batt controllers possibilities, but so far i have no idea which one is really inside nor how to make the reset.

    May someone post a working batterys info or more if you can generate somehow.

    My goal would be to bring the "repaired" batt back to life and then donate half the price of a new batt bucks to a human organization.

    here what is left

    >cat /proc/acpi/battery/BAT0/info
    present: yes
    design capacity: 2600 mAh
    last full capacity: 1670 mAh
    battery technology: rechargeable
    design voltage: 10800 mV
    design capacity warning: 10 mAh
    design capacity low: 5 mAh
    cycle count: 0
    capacity granularity 1: 26 mAh
    capacity granularity 2: 26 mAh
    model number: X101
    serial number:
    battery type: LION
    OEM info: ASUS

    >cat /proc/acpi/battery/BAT0/state
    present: yes
    capacity state: ok
    charging state: charging
    present rate: 0 mA
    remaining capacity: 1571 mAh
    present voltage: 12192 mV

    >acpi -b
    Battery 0: Charging, 94%, charging at zero rate - will never fully charge.

    tools used and opened cellpack

    Cell-logger attached shows number 2 has a low voltage

    Here the batt is discharging with the logger attached

    Finally this is what is left by now, nice view no charging no discharging in the netbook

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