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    Lightbulb Desktop certified hardware

    Hi guys
    Trying to use the linux Ubuntu for nearly 5 years, I always failed with resume/thaw with the 3 laptops I used. The 2 first died before working (a brand new eeepc 701 and then a fujitsu siemens amilo-M 7405), and now the dell latitude d800 hangs too. These 2 last can't be suspected of been too new, maybe they are too old, so the problem seems to find compatible hardware.
    I can't afford buying blind and test to see if it works, so after digging around one more time, hopping to find my new Linux machine after 3 googles, I was glad to remember the official certified hardware list. Unfortunately, although it features some filtering criteria, it is merely and still useless when it comes to help in buying something *now* instead of simply reading and be amazed with the huge number of compatible laptops one could have choose in the past few years. The manufacturers use a way to present and retire their products to/from the market that makes the list a poor help.
    I'd like to see a database with more criteria like screen size, embedded numpad y|n, date to market, date off market, customization options (e.g. SSD, RAM) available from mfg, resellers, world zone market etc... I'm sure such a database would create emulation among manufacturers to offer machines to the Linux world for our great happiness.

    The Canonical certified criteria should remain, but the database could also host machines tested by Indiana Jones familyhood.

    What do you think about that?
    Thank you

    PS: I was surprised not to find even one machine from Airis in the list, although I learnt their name the value-added reserved section on the french ubuntu forum
    [EDIT] PS2: maybe a checkbox in the list, labeled "Show community tested systems - Warning: checking this checkbox I understand the list will show systems that were not tested by Canonical"
    PS3: Canonical testers have the best first hand info to fill the systems' hardware specifications data fields of systems they tested; editing these entries would remain reserved for them

    EDIT 2013:OK I bought a Dell XPS322 certfied.
    After first update-manager, hibernation is broken poor sad ubuntu
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    Re: Desktop certified hardware

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