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Thread: Deleted www-data user and home directory

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    Deleted www-data user and home directory

    Ok, first off, I know this is probably the noobiest problem you have ever heard of, I get it ! I'm only two weeks into using ubuntu 12.04 lts, i want it to be a nice home server (never typed a command line before that day). All ready got plex and nfs sharing working nicely at home, but now i want to acces my files from a distance. There's for context.

    Stupidly i had owncloud working but deleted a file and broke it, so I tried to reinstall it exactly as i had the first time, to no avail. I was all ready really frustrated which could explain what follows : thinkg i had to delete all files and every thing related to owncloud to reinstall it, and never having heard of the www-data user, i though he had been created during the installation, so i went on and promptly deleted him and his home directory and all the related files.

    Obviously now i get a maintenance notice whenever i enter the server's ip address, when i used to get the "it works" message, and (ip)/owncloud gives me a 404.

    My question is, how do i fix this, other than reinstalling ubuntu that is ?

    Thank you for reading and hopefully helping me out !
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