Hello All:

I have been a Unix and Linux user in the past, but for job purposes got heavily involved with Windows. Please do not hold that against me However, I have a desire to renter the Linux community. so, I downloaded Ubuntu desktop, specifically ubuntu-12.04.1-desktop-i386.iso. My CD/DVD took a dump and I could not use the burned cd to load it so I used a thumb drive to load it. This was a total install over an older windows environment. I checked off to download all the updates and drivers of which thee were 97. It got stuck on file number 49 and then on update-grub. I got past that and the system finally booted. Problem is, although I can go to Google and youtube with Firefox, I cannot go to any other web sites. Also, when I try to view a youtube video, it tells me that I need the flash add-on but it searches and searches and never downloads it. I tried the suggestion to go to about:config and set the ipv6 option to true, but that did not help. So... two questions:

1. Is there a simple fix for the Firefox issue.

2. And a bigger question about the grub. Is this version stable?

I am running it on an AMD64 box with only 2 gigs of memory so I downloaded the 32 bit version. My thinking is that if I can fix the Firefox problem, which ultimately would mean solid Internet access, then maybe I could get all the updates that failed during the initial install. Anyway, I am looking forward to finding that Ubuntu is solid and trustworthy. I want to escape the Windows world. I am a LAMP developer and look forward to strong performance from Linux in general and Ubuntu in specific.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to fix my problem? Just a note, everything seems to be set properly from a network connection standpoint, but it sure isn't functioning that way.

Much thanks in advance with any help you can offer.