Hi everybody!

During the last several days I've set up my new dualbootsystem (WIN7 + Kubuntu 12.04) on a ssd.

Everything works fine meanwhile except that under linux the video an music playbacks, don't matter if flash-video from youtube or loaded a loaded file from my harddrive, hangs from time to time. ( with windows it works fine)

I use a radeon hd 5770 graphics card and currently I use the open source drivers.

I already tried the proprietary drivers, other linux distros like fedora and opensuse, other players like vlc, and other linux kernels (, but I always end up getting these nasty hangs during the video and music playbacks . the funny thing is that during these hangs( usually for some seconds)the video freezes and it plays the last half second of the sound again and again, but as soon as I move the mouse this hang is over and it works again for the next few seconds.

I absolutely don't know what else I could try to get it running. Any Ideas?