Hello all,

I've been searching the web and forums for days now, with no success.

When I plug my ipod into ubuntu (12.10) it is not recognised by the computer. Nothing happens. The ipod (classic) displays its 'connected' screen, but nothing on the computer.

It does, however, pick up an apple ipod classic with the lsusb command, so clearly something is getting through...

When I first started searching for answers I thought the problem would be that I have come from using it with a mac and the ipod is formatted as such, but doesn't ubuntu come with hfs+ support now?

I've tried installing hfsplus, hfsutils, even ifuse in efforts to try and get it talking. I've disabled journaling on the ipod.

Has anyone made the transition as I have (surely there are loads), and what is the solution?!

2007 MacBook Pro, dual-boot (using rEFIt) to either OSX Lion or Ubuntu 12.10

160GB iPod Classic, format Macintosh, software version 2.0.4

Thanks in advance for your help.