So I have an Acer x163w widescreen monitor.
In monitor setting my Monitor is an unknown.
My resolution size is stuck at 1024x768 i believe.

I have tried manually to change the screen resolution and nothing.
I am running Ubuntu 12.10 on an Hp Pavillion m7360 Desktop.

Updating the NVidia drivers sends my machine into a storm and things just fall apart until I have to do fresh install.

I would like to get the monitor to either recognize my Acer monitor and its resolution settings, or to some how manually change the resolution myself.

I have also tried randr,bumblebee(which really messed up everything)

I have ran out of options and search terms on google, I tried to input code into the terminal and nothing has really helped. I am also using GNOME if that helps. KDE does not play well on my system. I have a GeForce6200 SE TC video card, 500GB Seagate HDD, Ubuntu 12.10 32 bit with Gnome.

I apologize in advance for the infomation overload, I haven't slept in 22hrs and would like some help.
Thank you! I will post additional info as needed or requested.