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Thread: Low resolution and black borders & no Unity toolbar

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    Low resolution and black borders & no Unity toolbar

    Hi. I decided to make the switch from windows to ubuntu, it went off to a good start. After three days of using ubuntu, I switched my pc on and came to the login screen and realized something was wrong, I could log in as usual and the problem was still there.

    I have absolutely no idea what has happened and I've tried various terminal commands as to what I think the problem might be. Originally I thought I could just change the resolution in the terminal or maybe it could be some drivers need updating. I tried all the possible things I could think of but I had no such luck. I'll post a screen shot so you can see for yourself, hopefully someone here will understand.

    My monitors resolution is 1900 x 1080. The image that I've posted is all I can see and also imagine there is a an inch thick black border around it, right to the edge of the monitor.


    Problem is fixed now

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