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Thread: Log-in to E17 problem

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    Log-in to E17 problem

    Running Kubuntu 12.04 and decided to try E17 so I installed it from EFL Trunk PPA. I log-out of KDE and attempt to log-in to Enlightenment but the screen goes black for a few seconds and returns me to KDM

    Any ideas?

    Installing from the hannes-janetzek PPA it works but there are other niggles.

    All components of one PPA were removed before installing the other and the PPA disabled to avoid conflicts.

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    Re: Log-in to E17 problem

    I have only used E17 with Gnome but it reads like its crashing before it even opens with the trunk. I would make sure the that the PPA will work with KDE. I have used both the trunk and the PPA. The PPA had a broken package on occasion which was often fixed very quickly with an update.
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