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Thread: Skip pre-boot menu

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    Question Skip pre-boot menu

    When i boot using a Live USB (1GB) of Ubuntu 12.04.1, there is a menu at boot time asking whether i want to "just" try Ubuntu or actually install it into my computer.
    I want to skip that menu. I want to always boot to Ubuntu live desktop without any menus etc. I dont have a hard drive. So this has nothing to do with multiboot GRUB etc.

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    Re: Skip pre-boot menu

    Can I edit thread title to
    "Skip boot-time menu in Linux Live USB"

    I have a solution now.
    I used Rufus and dd terminal command based procedure to make Ubuntu Live CD. Same problem as described in original post.
    I used Universal USB Installer, which prepared a Ubunut Live USB which takes me directly to Ubuntu Live Desktop environment without any user intervention.


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