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    this is my first post and iam not a native speaker so excuse my bad english

    I use Ubuntu 12.04 on my Toshiba Satellite Notebook as a parallel installation with windows. I really like ubuntu, but i've a question about the Lockscreen of Ubuntu. With STRG + ALT + L you can lock your workspace. You'll see your desktop wallpaper and you have to enter your password in a mask. But my mask is white-colored and covers peaces of the background picture, so is it possible to change the color of this ? Maybe no color (transparent).

    Thank you very much

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    Re: Change Lockscreen-mask

    Possibly have a look at xtrlock.
    From man page...
    xtrlock locks the X server till the user enters their password at the

    While xtrlock is running, the mouse and keyboard are grabbed and the
    mouse cursor becomes a padlock. Output displayed by X programs, and
    windows put up by new X clients, continue to be visible, and any new
    output is displayed normally.

    The mouse and keyboard are returned when the user types their password,
    followed by Enter or Newline. If an incorrect password is entered the
    bell is sounded. Pressing Backspace or Delete erases one character of
    a password partially typed; pressing Escape or Clear clears anything
    that has been entered.

    If too many attempts are made in too short a time further keystrokes
    generate bells and are otherwise ignored until a timeout has expired.

    The X server screen saver continues to operate normally; if it comes
    into operation the display may be restored by the usual means of
    touching a key (Shift, for example) or the mouse.


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