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Thread: script help

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    script help

    hello all!

    I am using 12.10 on my X61 tablet re install my system quiet often.

    So I got tired of adding ppa's and installing software using commands so I wrote a simple script to add ppa's and install some common software with a single script.

    The problem is when i still run script i need to be around my laptop to hit the Enter key several times during this process, not to mention the yes option while installing some packages.

    is there any way to do away with this so that I do not need to say yes/enter to every ppa/package i am installing.

    like a quiet install or something like that without the promoting?

    i am linking the script here :

    help please

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    Re: script help

    Try adding -y or --yes to all commands that will prompt you for it, including the adding repos commands


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