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Thread: Ubuntu Server, permissions

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    Re: Ubuntu Server, permissions

    Quote Originally Posted by Craig71 View Post
    Man, I'm an idiot, I'd put the UUID for the wrong drive in!

    Just rebooted, and everything seems ok *crosses fingers*

    I'm doing this at work though, so I'll properly check it when I get home later & try to set up the new samba share.
    You should be ok. If you have any doubts, just run fsck from a livecd or force it on a reboot with this:

    sudo touch /forcefsck
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    Re: Ubuntu Server, permissions

    Thanks for all your help huys - it's now working fine!

    I've even managed to use my Pi as a wireless dnla streamer, using this guide:

    I'm now just in the middle of the epic task of transfering all the videos from an external drive to my servers new internal one.

    Thanks again guys!

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