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Thread: Sitecom ln-031 in Ubuntu

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    Sitecom ln-031 in Ubuntu

    I have a Sitecom ln-031 USB-network adapter and I want to install it in Ubuntu 8.04 with Gnome 2.22.3. There are no official linux drivers for this product, but I found the following:

    I have very little experience using linux in general, so I dont know if that link can help me, or how to install the network adapter. Ubuntu does not automatically recognize the adapter if I plug it in.

    Can I use this product, or would I have to buy something different?

    Thank you for your time

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    Re: Sitecom ln-031 in Ubuntu

    Me too amigo. It appears to connect, but no pasa nada.

    Bus 003 Device 002: ID 0df6:0056 Sitecom Europe B.V.

    12.04 64b. Anyone like to have a throw at this?


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