I recently did a full wipe of Windows on a friend's computer replacing it with Ubuntu. However, she's decided that she really doesn't like it and would prefer to have Windows back on her machine.

I've been looking up solutions online, but this seems to be a special case where the Windows installation disc is being completely by-passed, logging straight into Ubuntu regardless of the bios instructions. There is no option for partition selection or formatting or anything useful.

So, I had the thought to use the "rm -rf" command to erase her machine and start from the ground up; however, I'm not entirely sure what in all this command entails... Will it erase the bios so that the machine won't even start? Or will it simply erase all the working files/operating systems files?

My hope is that by erasing the operating system, the installation disc will be free to run its course. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!