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Thread: wifi monitor for ubuntu

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    Arrow wifi monitor for ubuntu

    hi all,

    I'm new to Linux/Ubuntu so please be patient!

    I have my system connected to a sky wifi box (LAN connection) for my broadband, I also have about 4 tenants connected too, via wireless.

    i was wondering if there were a program that i could run on my system that could monitor, or that i could use that would tell me how much data each person is using/downloading and what websites they were viewing etc...

    ( off the subject... but if there are any other tips on using Linux it would be much appreciated, as I am NEVER going back to windows..... I LOVE IT!!!)

    many thanks


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    Re: wifi monitor for ubuntu

    The wireless router probably provides this function.

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    Re: wifi monitor for ubuntu

    Well, gordintoronto.... If that doesn't answer the question, I can't think of any less useful information.

    You pedantic morons are so full of self glorification that you can't wait to say something useless just to show you're alive.

    Yes, there are apps, inspite of Gordon's useless answer. Wifi Radar is available. Works pretty good.

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