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Thread: HDMI Close Lid Best Alternative Solution

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    Closing the laptop lid causes the HDMI output to become inactive and display a black screen on the external monitor (TV).

    If your objective is to watch videos on your TV via HDMI but find having two monitors displaying the same thing quite distracting... this solution is for you. Plus, by having the lid still open has many advantages, the keyboard and trackpad on the laptop is still accessible: great when constantly searching for videos or commenting on a live stream.

    I've tested this on two laptops: one with intel graphics chip and the other with AMD graphics chip but this should definitely work universally.

    If you haven't already, attach both ends of the HDMI cable on your laptop and external monitor (will refer to as TV)

    Step 1:

    • Go to: System Settings > Displays
      • you will see two squares: 1 Pink and 1 Green
        • These are your monitors that are active.

    Step 2:

    • Uncheck Mirror Display (refer to attached image)
      • This will enable you to edit your active monitors

    Step 3:

    • Click to Highlight the square that says Laptop (refer to attached image)
      • There will be an ON and OFF switch
        • Switch it to OFF
        • Click Apply
          • There will be a prompt warning window (timed) along with the desired change
          • Click OK if desired changes are met

    The laptop monitor will be inactive; but the TV should now show your current Desktop screen. VIOLA.

    WARNING: Closing the lid will still make both monitor inactive.

    Additional Settings:

    To play the audio on your TV, simply:

    • Go to: Sound Settings
      • On the Output tab:
        • Click HDMI output

    NOTE: When you unplug the HDMI cable, you have to manually set your Audio Output to the default Build-in audio setting, otherwise you wouldn't hear anything.

    If, for some reason you do not have HDMI output even though your HDMI cable is successfully attached on both ends, you need to install ALSA daily build:

    Select the compatible build

      • download the file with “..._all.deb”
        • locate the file and double-click to open
          • This should automatically open up in the Ubuntu Software Center
          • enter password when prompted
          • after install it is recommended you restart the system
          • Refer to my ADDITIONAL SETTINGS guide just above this.

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