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Thread: Scope of your developers skills

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    Re: Scope of your developers skills

    I am currently a "web developer", but I find that a job title and description means close to nothing in this industry. I was brought into my current job to work on a typical Ruby on Rails stack, but I'm currently building a back-end integration system from scratch.

    I'm guessing they're looking for a candidate who is flexible and quick at learning rather than a candidate who claims to know everything on that list already.

    Blegh, to answer your question:
    No experience developing apps, but interested!
    Developed several websites, though I suck at design. Typical Python/Django, Ruby/Rails, Java/Tomcat.
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    Re: Scope of your developers skills

    Most developers will learn what they learn as they need it or get traning in anticipation of the skills they think they will need.

    Most developers will know enough about a language, programming idiom, development environment, platform, hardware to write something even if they are not an expert in that language, if they apply for that position.

    On the job they will learn the extra they need to be proficient in what they do in that language.

    Most developers will specialise in one or two languages but can write software in many more.

    I specialise in C/C++ but can, and have, written in Javascript, PHP, C#, Bash and other scripting languages, HTML, CSS and well as some x86 assembler.

    Depending apon what my job asks of me, i will learn those skills.

    As for the skillsets the companies ask for on their job spec; this is a wish list only and most will settle for far less. They want employees with the capacity to learn (and not just by rote).
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