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Thread: Panp4n will not power on, no indicator lights when AC connected

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    Panp4n will not power on, no indicator lights when AC connected

    Hi, I bought a Panp4n several years back, loved it, and used it for a couple years probably before one day very abruptly it stopped powering on totally. No lights come on when the AC plugged in or anything so it doesn't look like it's getting any juice at all. I havn't used this laptop for a long time now but if it's possible to salvage this it by having a part replaced I would really like to because it's too nice of a machine to only get 2-3 years out of.

    So my question is what are some of the reasons it could be receiving no power and how can I check them?

    My first instinct was the power cord, but I don't have another device to test it on or another cord to test the laptop on. I know that is pretty obvious to test first, but I won't be able to get a new cord for a while so I thought I'd see what people had to say in the meantime.

    I also thought it could be the port that the ac adapter plugs into.

    Also, the laptop was plugged into a quality surge protector/UPS. If any electricity came in it would have had to be through the ethernet port. Which may be possible since I used to have a huge antenna on my house for wireless internet.

    Other thoughts on why it would not be getting any juice at all and some ways to check? Also, I did not know any better at the time, and I left it powered on for long stretches. I'm pretty sure I had no issues with suspending, but it was not getting turned completely off much. I don't know what kind of stresses that causes, but it seemed relevant.

    Thanks in advance for comments. I always loved that laptop and would be overjoyed to have it for use again.
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    Re: Panp4n will not power on, no indicator lights when AC connected

    There's an 80% chance that the power jack on the motherboard is worn out. Solder connections get weak over time (from the stress of plugging and tugging) and finally break, leaving no power. If you are good with a solder iron, you can open the machine and attempt to repair yourself. With a voltmeter you can check the voltage of your power supply. It should be close to whatever the rating is printed on the brick. If not, then purchase a new power supply.
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