Ok, I wrote in my other thread, I'm new to Ubuntu. I'll change to it, but now I've got a test enviroment (with 12.10) on my notebook. So I can test it, and there's no problem if I make a mistake.

2 days ago after a reboot I got the message "The system is running in low-graphics mode" error... And I couldn't do anything.

I tried to fix it as described here:


and here:

and as I saw some other places. But Unity is still broken. I could use only the basic Gnome enviroment to reach my programs, etc.

Then I thought, "ok let's play then" and I reinstalled Ubuntu (not clean install). I was surprised, but Unity is still broken.

I read somewhere it can caused by my Nvidia card (I'm using ASUS K53S notebook), so I also reinstalled Nvidia drivers.

Maybe it's important but I used the Cinnamon enviroment before.

So what could be the solution. May I completely reinstall my Ubuntu? (if yes, it's not a problem, but I'd be happy if I shouldn't do it again on the final system. )