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    printer install to the world of ubuntu, but love it already. I have a new HP 3520 deskjet printer I am trying to install wirelessly on a laptop with ubuntu 12.04.

    The general landscape of my network is a wireless router, wireless printer on the network through the router wirelessly, 4 laptops in the house.

    I have successfully installed the printer on 2 laptops that have Win 7 and Win 8 OS, the 3rd laptop uses OS ubuntu seems as if I have sucessfully installed the printer on this issue is that when I try to print a test page, or print from any app nothing gets printed.

    I have installed and deleted the printer a few times....its currently installed and has a green check on its icon....when i install it and go to print the test page, the dialogue box reads..... Processing-connecting to printer, then flashes -rendering, then idle - ready to print. It seems there is some sort of connection signal happening from the laptop to printer since the printer's LED screen lites up when I start the print a test page request.

    The printer works 100% from other laptops, the router is working, wireless connections are 100% between laptops and router......

    So needless to say I am baffled at the moment.......once I solve this problem my next conquest will be installation on the 4th laptop that has dual OS....ubuntu and Win 7...

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    Re: printer install

    Sounds like you need a driver, try here.

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    Re: printer install

    It needs hplip 3.12.6, and 12.04 has only 3.12.2, so try the newer version from the hplip site.
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